Dear parents,

The Spanish lenguage is the second most important in the world after English. Its social and cultural importance is growing making the Spanish language a very important part of our personal and professional wealth. Learning and mastering the Spanish language is one of the greater investments in our kids' education. Also, in order to master a language we must live in the country where the language is spoken.

Segovia is a very safe city, welcoming, friendly, very rich in artistic expressions and with a great history. It becomes very international especially during the summer, its customs, culture and people come out to be very appealing for the visitor.

San Pedro was founded in 1958 by my father José M. Martín. We have been successfully teaching Spanish to North American high school and college students for over 50 years. Our school, is one of the most prestigious organizations dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Because our kids deserve the best, we strive year after year for the students to have the best experience at our program.

San Pedro offers the best teaching quality, program of activities and leisure time for the kids through a great combination of these.

At San Pedro your son/daughter will enjoy from a great, controlled environment that will allow him or her to experience Spanish 100%.

Best regards,

José Mª Martín San Pedro

Operations Director


*At San Pedro, we enforce the legal drinking age (you must be 18 or older) and we strictly forbid our students to drink at any time during the term of our program.

Breaking this rule will lead to an immediate expulsion of the student.