One of the most beautiful medieval cities in Spain, Segovia is situated at the foot of the Central System, in the community of Castilla y León, one-hour drive north of Madrid.

Segovia is a 49.000 inhabitant's town that offers a wide range of cultural, leisure and gastronomic activities. A city unique in its historic and artistic wealth. It was named by the United Nations among the "Cities Patrimony of Humanity", which together with the hospitality of its people, its cultural festivities, its regard for security, and its university population, make Segovia one of the most appropriate places for learning Spanish.

Students learn the Spanish lenguage while experiencing the culture and life of the Spanish people in the most important classroom: the city of Segovia.


Segovia: Acueducto, Alcázar, Catedral, Museo Esteban Vicente, Museo de Segovia, Museo Rodera Robles, Casa Museo Antonio Machado, Casa de los Picos, Segovia's wall tour, Torreón de Lozoya, Casa de la Moneda, Jewish town, several churches from the visigoths' time until today. Segovia offers shopping, theaters, museums, art galleries, coffee shops and restaurants, concerts, etc; allowing our students the opportunity of enjoying the rich cultural and artistic life found in our city.

During the months of June and July we enjoy outdoors activities such as: Classic and Folk Music Festivals, Muppet Festival, Theatrical and dancing performances, Rock and Flamenco concerts, The Book Fair and, of course, during the dates of the local festivities (San Juan y San Pedro), the typical street dances and fireworks. There are also sports competitions such as cycling, football and motocross. We will for sure celebrate a 4th of July dinner. 

Surroundings of Segovia: Real Sitio de La Granja (Palace and gardens) and a day hiking in the mountains.